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Powerboat trips

Our breathtaking, high-speed powerboat trips take you along the tidal section of the River Tees. Get a stunning glimpse of our historic region’s wildlife, industry and landmarks on a sleek, modern powerboat!

What is there to see on a Tees Barrage powerboat trip?

Book a Tees Barrage powerboat trip and take friends and family on an exciting journey they won’t forget. Our powerboat tours are led by experienced guides to ensure you see the best of Teesside, including the Newport Bridge, Transporter Bridge and Riverside Stadium. This region is also home to diverse wildlife, on land, in the air and below the surface. So, you might even spot some playful seals and other interesting animals on the way!

Why Tees Barrage powerboat trips?

We love this region. Our powerboat trips have been hugely popular with kids and adults alike who want a fun day out to explore the iconic landmarks of Teesside from the water. Imagine skimming the surface of the river alongside the region’s major landmarks at top speed. If you fancy seeing the world from a different viewpoint, these powerboat trips are for you! Needless to say, it’s a guarantee that you’ll return to shore with your hair well and truly ruffled.

When you get back to land, why end the day there? Finish off your visit by exploring the rest of Tees Barrage. Get the high ropes experience on our Air Trail course, enjoy tea and cake at The Barrage Cafe, or stroll through the beautiful nearby nature reserve.

How do I book a powerboat trip?

You can book a powerboat trip online here or by calling us on 01642 678000. If you require any more information ask us using our enquiry form. Our powerboat tours run at different dates and times throughout the year. However, availability is limited, so booking in advance is best. If there are no dates showing please contact the centre via an enquiry form or by calling 01642 678000.

Middlehaven Blasts 2022

High speed trip down the River Tees

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Explore the River Tees and its iconic landmarks

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