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Infinity Bridge Loop

To Infinity (Bridge) and beyond!

This route is flat and traffic free making it perfect for families with small children. You will pass through the heart of Durham University Campus before crossing the Infinity Bridge to return along the riverbanks to the main centre building at Tees Barrage. There are plenty of benches to stop off along the way to enjoy the pleasant surroundings.

You can expect to see walkers, runners, cyclists, rowers and don’t forget to wave if you see the Teesside Princess or Rivershack’s passenger boat, Juno!

We’ve included a short video of what you can expect or scroll down for a step by step guide to see the key points along the route.

Infinity Bridge Loop

Start at the TBIWWC main building and head towards the Barrage

Cross the Barrage and turn right (make sure you look up river towards the Infinity Bridge)

Keeping to the right, pass through the gates and head along the river

 Turn left directly under the Infinity Bridge and cross the river

Can you feel the bridge wobble?

Turn back under the bridge and head towards the Barrage

Arrive back at Tees Barrage for an ice cream and a cuppa!

ride time 20 mins
walk time 40 mins
1.5 miles approx
fully paved route