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Course Timetable

July 2019

Wednesday3rdLong Course16:00-20:00
Saturday6thLong Course10:00-17:00
Sunday7thLong Course10:00-17:00
Wednesday 10thLong Course16:00-20:00
Saturday13thLong Course10:00-17:00
Sunday14thLong Course10:00-17:00
Wednesday17thLong Course16:00-20:00
Saturday20thLong Course10:00-17:00
Sunday21stLong Course10:00-17:00
Wednesday24thLong Course16:00-20:00
Saturday27thLong Course10:00-17:00
Sunday28thLong Course10:00-17:00
Wednesday31stLong Course16:00 - 20:00

August 2019

Saturday3rdLong Course10:00-17:00
Sunday4thLong Course10:00-17:00
Wednesday 7thLong Course16:00-20:00
Saturday10thLong Course10:00-17:00
Sunday11thLong Course10:00-17:00
Wednesday14thLong Course16:00-20:00
Saturday17thLong Course10:00-17:00
Sunday18stLong Course10:00-17:00
Wednesday21stLong Course16:00-20:00
Saturday24thLong Course10:00-17:00
Sunday25thLong Course10:00-17:00
Wednesday28thLong Course16:00 - 20:00

Course times are subject to change, please contact the centre before travelling.



Summer Holiday Activities

There’s lots going on at Tees Barrage this summer holidays so come and get involved. 

Find out activity dates and times here