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Discover the unique beauty that is Tess Barrage and the abundance of amazing wildlife that inhabit the river and surrounding area.

Whether it’s a hot summer’s day or the middle of winter, Tees Barrage offers a unique and picturesque setting for everyone to enjoy.

There is plenty of wildlife to spot in and around the river; from swans and cormorants to salmon and crowd favorites, the entertaining seals that can often be seen bobbing up and down in the river. It has even been known that dolphins travel down as far as Tees Barrage from the North Sea!

The walks around Tees Barrage take you through a mixture of woodland areas, river banks and grass land to give you the maximum wildlife experience and are a hit with families looking to enjoy refreshing days out in the great outdoors.

Portrack Marsh

Portrack Marsh is one of the area’s most important wildlife sites given its location at the very heart of Teesside. The wetland nature reserve attracts hundreds of birds each year and it provides a home to an exciting variety of mammals, amphibians, insects and wildflowers. Find out more about Portrack Marsh on The Wildlife Trust website.

Maze Park Nature Reserve

Maze Park is situated on the banks of the River Tees and has attracted more than 12 species of butterfly including the increasingly scarce grayling and dingy skipper as well as an abundance of herb species including yellow wort, black medick, common century and bird’s-foot trefoil. The area also provides an excellent habitat for bird species in national decline such as the grey partridge and skylark. Visit the Maze Park walking and cycling page for photos and videos of the route. The National Trust planted six hectares of woodland and has constructed a number of paths making it easy to get up close to some amazing wildlife.

Scroll through to find out about just some of the wildlife you can expect to see on your visit to Tees Barrage.

Powerboat Trips

Don’t forget we also offer the popular powerboat session, Tees Blast, which explores the River Tees heading from the Barrage towards the Riverside Stadium at Middlehaven.

More Information

Find out more information at the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust


Explore the natural habitats of Tees Barrage in the heart of Teesside

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